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Title: Audi 3.2 vr6 24v turbo....random info
Post by: Nick_T on January 02, 2017, 08:40:11 AM
Howsit guys

Just did a turbo conversion on my 3.2 vr6, thought i'd add some random info / observations for anyone that is interested.


3.2 vr6 24v bmj
9:1 cr / forged pistons and rods
Chinese gt3582r, with a big twin scroll kkk 1.0 A/R exhaust housing, rebuilt and balanced. Running 0.5 bar boost.
76mm DP and exhaust with 63mm stock resonator box chilling in the middle (havent had time to replace it yet) :-X
Ebay cast exhaust manifold
38mm external wastegate
bosch 044 fuel pump,rising rate adjustable fpr and surge tank (with return line)
Stock 280cc injectors @ 4bar]
Stock intake manifold
Stock MAF
DCPR8 spark plugs
100% methonal injection for some extra safety for now.
External EGT gauge.
Everything else still stock, including stock ecu tune.

Okay, starting from the beginning.....

I basically bolted on a turbo kit that i made, all the above specs but with stock motor and stock c/r. Ran 0.5bar, car pulled insanely hard, ran around 14 degrees advance, 12.5 afr. Would have easily eaten a stock A45 AMG. ;D
I was impatient, waited to long for head spacer plate to arrive, hence why i drove the car, excitement got the better of me lol Long story short, ended up cracking a piston on cylinder 1. No surprise there.

I have since put in wossner pistons and forged rods.

Did the first 500km break in, in stock NA mode.

The car is now boosting again, exact same setup as before but with lower compression ratio.
The drivability of the car is fine, besides for part throttle boosting obviously, thats sometimes a bit jerky.
The logs are rather interesting too.

Car makes 0.5 bar boost just under 4k rpm in 3rd, barely any boost in 1st gear, but when its in boost it breathes so nicely ;D So im really happy with the turbo choice!
The car is running between 18 and 24 degrees advance with low timing pull with 100% methonal injection.
Hits maf limit on stock maf @ 0.5bar, just above 290 g/s.
So far only running on the LAMFA map, requesting 0.899 lambda and its meeting the requested fueling under load. Part throttle fueling obviously crap. Injection timing sitting around 14 ms.
EGT's hit 920 degrees celcius with a 5th gear pull to redline.

Running the car without methonal injection is a different story. (in high gear mainly, >= 4th gear)
EGT's still dont go above 920 degrees, but it obviously starts requesting other fueling strategies, and dumping fuel.
Timing advance is hard to say as it jumps around a lot, i would say around 18 degrees but with scary 8.5 pull.

Busy building the intake manifold now, as soon as its done i will pop the 550cc injectors in and begin the mapping.
Will try give as much info as i can regarding mistakes and observations and tips for anyone that might need it.

Loving the car, pulls really hard!!! ;D
Will be doing a base dyno asap!

Anyways vids below:

Stock motor, without wmi.

Built motor, 100% methonal injection... 0 to 170 km/h

Built motor, 100% methonal injection...4th gear


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Post by: Buzzard on January 02, 2017, 03:58:43 PM
Great job so far Nick keep up the good work !

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Post by: Nick_T on January 03, 2017, 12:47:33 AM
Great job so far Nick keep up the good work !

Thanks a lot!

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Post by: Buzzard on January 03, 2017, 11:46:05 AM
It sounds like a beast :)

I have a kawasaki zx12r that i would like to turbocharge and posts like yours are just the kick up my arse that I need to get on with it lol

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