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Title: HITACHI BED430 Renesas R5F7253FPU
Post by: miklec on March 30, 2019, 06:45:40 AM
Some of the newer ECUs for Nissan are showing as not replaceable in Consult software.  For instance the 2017 Juke with BED430.  I ordered a second hand part to look over.  It was glued together very well.  With some patience I was able to get apart.  It has the Renesas R5F72533FPU processor.  I am wondering if anyone has experience with the ECU?  From other ECUs with Renesas it appears that the read and write functions require different connections.  I have not seen any for this processor.  I do not see a solution from fgtech or Alienware.  I would like to clone the ECU.  Any guidance would be appreciated.