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 on: Yesterday at 02:06:08 PM 
Started by OZZIE1 - Last post by nyet
NA motors should never knock on good gas, period. You literally should only need toluene if you are boosting.

You're barking up the wrong tree.

That motor isn't worth touching btw. You'll pick up 5 hp max. Pointless to tune.

 on: Yesterday at 01:41:26 PM 
Started by johan99 - Last post by tjwasiak
According to my best knowledge:
 - 0x270 (8x1) - 16bit LoHi map (with axis @0x250 or 0x260 - depending if it is FWD or Haldex car) recalculates sender resistance into fuel capacity. IIRC for axis you should use 1 as factor to get values in Ohms, for map values 0.125 converts it into litres
 - 0x290 (8x1) - 16bit LoHi map (with axis @0x280) recalculates fuel capacity into steps for fuel gauge (axis is in litre just as above map, steps without any factor)

I think those should not be covered by any checksum but I may be wrong on that as I did not touch any VW instrument cluster for ages...

 on: Yesterday at 01:01:31 PM 
Started by johan99 - Last post by johan99
If it is VDO instrument cluster than it should be doable.
Post dump from the cluster so we can look into this.

Yes it is a VDO cluster, see attached

 on: Yesterday at 12:36:10 PM 
Started by vladvlad - Last post by vladvlad
Pump dead. All MASTERS, forgot how they learn al kind of this shits. All questions or problems , the anwsers ...look FR. FUCK THIS. OR can we help or close this forum.
Nobody borned GENIUS! So......

 on: Yesterday at 12:08:18 PM 
Started by Dominik89 - Last post by Dominik89
is this map dangerous for a stock engine?

 on: Yesterday at 12:03:57 PM 
Started by Dominik89 - Last post by terok

So yes its tuned.

 on: Yesterday at 11:24:48 AM 
Started by Dominik89 - Last post by Dominik89
My A4 B7 1.8t Quattro ECU is broken
I got a new one from Ebay but no info if it is stock software.
I was able to read the map but i cant write a stock file to it.

Can you please take a look at this map and tell me if its stock?
I need the car and dont want to Damage it .

 on: Yesterday at 08:45:51 AM 
Started by OZZIE1 - Last post by OZZIE1
Hi all, I need some quick ideas from you guys.
I have a 2008 R32 golf , NA , stock and I'm trying to squeeze all I can out of it.
Its a me7.1.1 st10 so me7logger doesn't work, but vcds can log anything listed in the FR.  Four values take 0.1 sec.
The problem is that under WOT in 3rd gear or even from a brisk launch, the logs show no torque intervention from the dsg, but timing is pulled, sometimes upto 6 degrees average, starting around 1600 rpm and does go lower but continues to 4500 and sometimes above.  I have shell vpower 98 RON plus 10% toluene and running 0.86 lambda. Apart from the lowered lambda, from 0.9, everything else is stock.  What do I do next? Is the factory timing so bad that I need to  retard it, or do I go even richer?

 on: Yesterday at 07:01:03 AM 
Started by chill gates - Last post by chill gates

 on: Yesterday at 06:50:35 AM 
Started by HR-Performance - Last post by HR-Performance
it was just my mistake, i didnt set mpps in bootmode. Car is running.

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