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 on: Yesterday at 08:08:01 AM 
Started by nurburg340 - Last post by Bi-turbo
Not to clued up on programs but tunerpro is free downlaod and lets you see the maps edit them etc but you need a .bin from your ecu which is the easy bit depending on your ecu then you need a .xdf which is like the layout with all the map files in there.

Kess V2 is the choice for chip tuners, i was looking into starting a business doing chip tuning but your just selling on someone elses *possible* crap generic map.

There is so much choice out there but i got the cheap/free stuf to get me into it as i simply havent got the money to go and buy the all singin all dancing stuff though half the time the cheaper stuff is better, just because one company has really good advertisement dosnt mean that there equipment is the dog's dangle's

 on: Yesterday at 07:55:58 AM 
Started by nurburg340 - Last post by nurburg340
Thanks for the reply. Its all very new to me lol. All I have figured out is a program called Kess V2 is what these chip tuner companies use Smiley.

What programs would you recommend for starting with the basics..

 on: Yesterday at 07:44:41 AM 
Started by nurburg340 - Last post by Bi-turbo
Same really but Aud S4 B5, ive got to the stage were i have my own bespoke stage 1 map ready for testing but require a AFR Guage/reader 1st, its taken me around a year to get to this point, i use galletto 1260 with ebay cable reprogrmmed to work with galletto and tunerpro and winOLS and i have gen VCDS (VAG diagnostics) for logging with.

There's heaps to read up on here and is a welth of knowledge but it wont be givern out, you have to work to find things out Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 07:42:33 AM 
Started by n0ble - Last post by IamwhoIam
this is an Ibiza FR file right ? the 9971 is almost the latest update (now it is 9972) , it is update only and VAS can write in OTP areas also.

NO TOOL can write to OTP areas!!!! EVER!

 on: Yesterday at 07:39:13 AM 
Started by nurburg340 - Last post by nurburg340

My names Rich, I'm 22 and am a mechanic. Im from East Sussex area. I currently drive an Astra VXR which am looking to get a remap with my supporting mods and have found people to trust with my VXR hard to find and rather expensive.

I have always wanted to learn how to remaps but this is now the time I wish to pursue it.

I have no idea where to start and was hoping I could be pointed in the right direct. Being a mechanic I know how engines work and ECUs. I also understand it can cost thousands of pounds to get going and years of studying.

I am interested in learning how to write them myself and not use generic maps to put on people cars.

 on: Yesterday at 07:21:24 AM 
Started by auamanu - Last post by IamwhoIam
Funny how they claim they can do them all Cheesy

 on: Yesterday at 07:19:38 AM 
Started by Marty - Last post by Marty
I acquired a 2260vk for free, friend of mine upgraded to a 2566vk on his alh. im working on a 2l / 20v turbo in my spare time... its a AZG block h beam rods and forged pistons, factory crank. Head is from a AWM. So my question is If i use this turbo on gas engine will it fail from heat?
Ive looked around for the last few weeks and have found conflicting answers. My fear is vanes will fail from heat.

 on: Yesterday at 05:58:04 AM 
Started by kory2000pr - Last post by kory2000pr
yes just flash a manual bin to your auto ecu. works great Wink
Thanks sir!!!

 on: Yesterday at 05:07:42 AM 
Started by Sniper222002 - Last post by stuklr
Just curious what you ended up doing? 

So if I got it right, I gotta stick to 4B0 907 551... but only a select few as mine is a Q..

Any of the APB engine code ECU's will work just fine if you are going to change the ecu contents anyway. The parts number just shows what software is on the ecu. Look in the list Nyet posted, They are listed by engine code too. APB is what you need.

 on: Yesterday at 04:57:16 AM 
Started by jokerr9 - Last post by eliotroyano
yes, there is "Gemischkorrektur durch Luftmassenstrom und Ansauglufttemperatur" but its Flat "1,000" above 25°C ?

Hi Junior , I have been looking for KFFMLTA (Gemischkorrektur durch Luftmassenstrom und Ansauglufttemperatur) map in my file 06A906018CG but I can not find it.   Huh  Huh  Huh  Huh  Huh Do you know which address is it my file?

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