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 on: Yesterday at 06:00:17 PM 
Started by boostaddict1989 - Last post by boostaddict1989
Now it wont respond in either mode

 on: Yesterday at 05:45:01 PM 
Started by littco - Last post by KasperH
I threw caution to the wind and just tried it out on my k03s (I know it spools fast in the first place Smiley )
Set it from 1300-3000 RPM and from 30% load.

I don't know if it's a pseudo effect but it feels like it spools faster and smother, and the car feels more driveable in low load/city driving Smiley

I'm going to make some logs and compare this weekend Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 04:15:06 PM 
Started by littco - Last post by prj
The discussion is waste of time.
It needs to be tuned on the dyno.

Overlap up to 6000 rpm is probably too much even for a GT35R.

 on: Yesterday at 03:54:21 PM 
Started by prj - Last post by prj
But since this would be I riding IMX, it seems that the PID can only REMOVE WG via I, never add, so if you have a persistent underboost, the PID cannot compensate? Or you just let the I adaptation take care of that?
Not correct. That is what LDDIMXN is for.
Generally your PID should never ever ride I-max. There should be always a bit of free room. The only place it should be riding it somewhat would probably be 2nd gear, as in 1st gear it's still in dynamic mode.

I-max is not there to control overshoot whatsoever. It is there to provide a sane limit, which should always be a little higher than what is needed.
Overshoot needs to be controlled using D, so that it lands in steady state and after that P and I will take care of it.

You basically have two controllers in ME7 - a P/D dynamic controller and a P/I static controller with switching between them. This is a good way to do things from the PID perspective and boost control.
I adaptation is fairly useless in aftermarket situations. It is mostly there so it meets the target with loose component tolerances (due to aging) on a stock tune where there is room everywhere.

 on: Yesterday at 02:22:55 PM 
Started by littco - Last post by Awaken
Stock vvt k04 switch over is 4500rpm,
K04 is at full boost by 3500rpm
So takes 1000rpm after full boost it before it switches over.

At least for the S3 with K04 it is up to 4000, not 4500, but that doesn't matter much. The question is for a bigger turbo can we go more RPM over full boost, say if full boost is 4500, can we go with overlap up to 6000, has anyone tried something similar and does it gain anything?

 on: Yesterday at 02:11:33 PM 
Started by the dog - Last post by the dog
I need your help.
I have a problem with the HPFP control on a 2.0tfsi engine.
The car has an autotech update internals in its HPFP and update injectors with 175 bar fprv.
The car eat up the camshaft profile of the HPFP so we update to a Dynodrome roller conversion kit.
This kit is different than the normal camshaft to to roller conversion kit since it also included updated hpfp cam loop profile .

The company that sold as the kit will not give as any support. They are only reply is that the install it and it should work as is with out any special tuning.We are really stuck

As soon as we did the conversion (Major job, we had to take out the camshaft to remove the camshaft hpfp profile and install the new one) we have big problem controlling the hpfp pressure. Pls bare in mind that we paied special attention on the placing of the hpfp cam profile,and we made sure it was on the stock timing.
Our problem is this.
If we are stationary and we slowly press the throttle, the hpfp pressure will follow the requested perfectly up to 4000rpm. Then the pressure will immediately raise to 180 bars and the engine will die ,since the injector we have will get stuck at 155bar plus . the pressure will remain high until it gets back to idle (as the rpm drops, the request is the same as actual -170bar.When it gets to idle the request goes to 50bar and the actual will drop slowly to 50bars) .When the problem happens you can hear noise coming from the hpfp.
If we do the same test on the dyno, with wot 4 gear runs the problem will be the same but it would happen at higher rpms and also the raise of the fuel pressure is more slow. It would eventually get pass 155 bar and the injectors would get stuck making a misfire.
We measure the stroke of the new cam profile for the hpfp and its 5mm which is the same as stock
The profile is different since it looks like it was more duration.We also measure the depth that the piston of the the hpfp travels, inside the hpfp. It had 2mm difference. We made a spacer to get it to work but its still the same problem.
We changed the hpfp with another autotech equip fuel pump and the problem is still there.
We change the fprv to the stock one and still pressure raises .And its not even drops after you lift off the throttle which is really strange. We check the fprv and it works.
We put the stock hpfp on and the car WORKS. The fuel pressure stays where it should be.
Tunning wise I change the stroke, volume and diameter of the hpfp.I did many versions and played a lot with it and nothing changed.
can anyone help out. We are getting 0 support from the seller company and we are really stuck
Is there anything we missed? Do I need to change anything on the tune itself (even though we were told by the company that it works without any change)


 on: Yesterday at 01:35:43 PM 
Started by maluch - Last post by maluch
someone seeing some fault? did notice that engine load is 100%, and when cranking the air inlet sensor(MAF?) stays the same?

This values I don't know whats up with

This either

And this is when cranking

 on: Yesterday at 01:20:36 PM 
Started by Tirbsi - Last post by Tirbsi
the engine cranks normally, but does not start.

I had a look at the ground point and the cap nut was loose. Hopefully this was the issue. We will see...

 on: Yesterday at 01:07:49 PM 
Started by Snow Trooper - Last post by Snow Trooper
What a fun thread.

Nye hates it though, which makes no sense. The thread is titled "me7.1 2.7t mafless error solution" and thats exactly what it supposed to be about... Roll Eyes

 on: Yesterday at 01:06:05 PM 
Started by mj12345 - Last post by mj12345
Okay. When someone know the adress please help me.
I have searched with winols, but there are only two maps with 8x8 in 8 Bit.


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