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Author Topic: 5120 Hack + Mappack 4B0906018CH  (Read 5985 times)
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« on: November 30, 2016, 03:15:27 PM »

Hello. For my project car i`ve swapped 032AF ecu with this one 4B0906018CH 360101.
I`ll run more boost than what stock sensor can read, so i`ve fitted a brand new 4bar sensor.
What i need is rescale for MAP, Lambda 2 & SAI delete(Those I can do myself, i`ve did it before) and implementation of 5120 hack.

I want to pay for this solution by PayPal if needed, but just AFTER testing file on the car (tried version found here on forum and engine is not starting with right KRKTE/TVUB).
Mappack is not a must, I have defined almost all maps that I need for tune, but a full mappack will be great.

Thank you,
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« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2021, 09:58:36 AM »

-This necropost is for reference only-

DSLGRAD 437.50 and DSLOFS 31.25 worked for my 03K906051 sensor, IIRC

If the engine has the rods and turbo and injectors (fuel lines if E85) and MAF (exhaust valves? springs?) for 21+psi, and your fuel trims are spot on (tvub issues?)

You're probably going to want to re-scale axis and extrapolate some tables. The nefarious collaboration spreadsheet on github will have you up and going in no time!
The following tables share a load axis:



Increase the engine and turbo protection maps to a reasonable value (the melting point of a K03 compressor section is around 18psi)

Then it should be pretty much back to normal tuning. Check out the 5120 thread to see which scalars/maps/axis have been halved/doubled
(except kisrm. That 10.13 has been divided by two, FRLFSDP didn't seem to have an axis to divide)

Disclaimer: Certain things stop working above 191 load. Halving the pressure resolution in exchange for double the range does weird things to PID loops, particularly the proportional parts. There is a fine line between silken rocket and 2000 chrysler voyager although both may have exciting computer generated curves

Edit:this ecu has msntate, not msnpcv. I'm working that out now.
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