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Author Topic: Is there tool available for ME 7.5 Checksums?  (Read 468 times)
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« on: April 20, 2017, 05:30:50 AM »

Is there tool available for ME7.5 checksums?
I tried Nyets great me7sum but as i thought, is not able to correct all errors:

C:\Users\03022784\Downloads\me7sum-v1.0.1>ME7sum.exe "C:\Users\03022784\Downloads\Audi A4 Blans" "C:\Users\03022784\Downloads\Audi A4 Blans_cs.bin"
ME7Tool (v1.0.1) [Management tool for Bosch ME7.x firmwares]
Inspiration from Andy Whittaker's tools and information.
Written by 360trev and nyet [BSD License Open Source].

Attempting to open firmware file 'C:\Users\03022784\Downloads\Audi A4 Blans'

Step #1: Reading ROM info ..
 Searching for EPK signature...OK
 Searching for P/N...missing
Step #1: ERROR! Skipping ROM info.. UNDEFINED

Step #2: Reading ROMSYS ..
 Startup section: word[0x008000]+word[0x00FFFE]
 @008038 Add=0x00F385 CalcAdd=0x00F385  ADD OK
 Program pages: 8k page first+last in 0x0000-0xFFFF and 0x20000-0xFFFFF
 @00803c Add=0x9B550C CalcAdd=0x9B550C  ADD OK
 All param page: word[0x010000]+word[0x01FFFE]
 @01e498 Add=0x00971D CalcAdd=0x00971D  ADD OK

Step #3: Reading RSA signatures ..
 Searching for RSA offset #0...OK
 Searching for RSA offset #1...OK
         Signature: @a40f0-a4170
           Modulus: @16908-16988
          Exponent: @16988 = 3
 Searching for MD5 ranges...OK
 MD5 Block Offset Table @168e4 [32 bytes]:
 1) Adr: 0x00010002-0x00013FFE
 2) Adr: 0x00014252-0x00017F4E
 3) Adr: 0x00018192-0x0001FBDC
 4) Adr: 0x00026A00-0x0002FFFC
 EncrMD5: 37 52 d2 4f 58 3d 01 3f 9e e1 f6 c1 06 19 1a b3
 CalcMD5: 37 52 d2 4f 58 3d 01 3f 9e e1 f6 c1 06 19 1a b3

Step #4: Reading Main Data Checksums ..
 Searching for main data CRC pre block...missing
 Searching for main data CRC/csum blocks...OK
 Searching for main data CRC offsets...missing
 Searching for main data checksum offsets...OK
 Main Checksums:
 1) Adr: 0x010002-0x013FFE CalcCSM: 00144ED1
 2) Adr: 0x014252-0x017F4E CalcCSM: 002F6271
 3) Adr: 0x018192-0x01FBDC CalcCSM: 004E53FA
 4) Adr: 0x026A00-0x02FFFC CalcCSM: 008A0CD1
 @9ffcc CSM: 008A0CD1 CalcCSM: 008A0CD1  Main data checksum OK

Step #5: Reading Main Program Checksums ..
 Searching for main program checksum..OK
 ROM Checksum Block Offset Table @2b968 [16 bytes]:
 1) Adr: 0x000000-0x00FBFF
         0x00FC00-0x01FFFF SKIPPED CalcChk: 0x263E1849 CalcCRC: 0xE31A9A33
 2) Adr: 0x020000-0x0FFFFF
 @fffe0 Chk: 0xB69F4C3B CalcChk: 0xB69F4C3B  Main program checksum OK

Step #6: Reading Multipoint Checksum Blocks ..
 Searching for multipoint block descriptor #1...missing
 Searching for multipoint block descriptor #2...OK
 1) <1fbde>  Adr: 0x000000-0x003FFF Chk: 0x0E59D5C8 Boot: (whitelisted) OK
 2) <1fbee>  Adr: 0x004000-0x007FFF Chk: 0x1077FB35 Boot: (whitelisted) OK
 3) <1fbfe>  Adr: 0x000000-0x003FFF Chk: 0x0E59D5C8 CalcChk: 0x0E59D5C8 OK
 4) <1fc0e>  Adr: 0x004000-0x007FFF Chk: 0x1077FB35 CalcChk: 0x1077FB35 OK
 Multipoint #2: [66 blocks x <16> = 1056 bytes]

*** Found 70 checksums in C:\Users\03022784\Downloads\Audi A4 Blans

*** ABORTING! 1 uncorrectable error(s) in C:\Users\03022784\Downloads\Audi A4 Blans! ***


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« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2017, 06:11:26 AM »

first of all, use newest version and try again  Roll Eyes
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« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2017, 02:56:28 AM »

Thanks aef,
I actually thought I had the latest version as I downloaded it just few days ago.
Now seems to work like a charm Smiley
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