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Author Topic: A6 Avant 2003 2.7  (Read 1454 times)

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« on: September 06, 2017, 02:25:54 PM »

Just picked up a 2003 A6 2.7 6 speed with a broken clutch so decided I'd start a build thread. I previously owned a 2.7t allroad so decided this time I'd learn how to tune it myself. I've replaced the clutch with the RS4 one.

So far from my investigations, it's a standard 2.7 BES.
4Z7 907 551 N .
01E gearbox with cooler.

My reading of the forum suggests that 4Z7907551R xdf and bin files are compatible and that it's a 7.1.1 . I've made good progress reading through the 7.1 stage 1 thread but have found that my R based xdf isn't quite as english friendly.

For a number of years I've had the completely blue chinese copy vag com cable. From looking at the working driver this appears to use the ftdi 232 chip and my galletto cable arrived today.

I have a few thoughts before starting, I believe it has an immobilizer enabled, should I be preparing a bench flash setup first? Should I be getting a spare 551N ecu and remove the immobilizer so I can ensure the car is usable if my experiments are unsuccessful.

When reading through the threads here there are a lot of mentions of 91 octane fuel, this confused me a little as that seemed very low. Turns out being in the UK I'm used to seeing the RON octane rating on fuel 95, 98 or 99 where as it seems the US and Canada use the AKI.
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