Tuning the ME1.5.5 , opel z20let version ecu

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Hi all , and thanks in advance if you can point me in the right direction at all .

i have been interested in tuning my ecu for a good while now , i have searched for as much info as possible , aquired a demo version of winols and "educated" myself a little on that too ,

I then sourced a DAMOS file for the ECU and also downloaded the map from my car (known working "stage 1" tune) to compare it too .
From this i have at least managed to find the areas of data that have been modified to increase the power output from the engine utilising no other bolt on mods ( i also have a few other maps of tune from this ecu but decided not to compare at first to save confusion)

the two basic files i have first used are found below

the list of changed maps are
1  KFKHFM  correction map for MAF
2 TLDOBN   Blocking time for boost pressure controll overboost , all maxed
3 KFMIZUFIL  Gross indicated torque for torque limit before filter
4 KFMIZUOF Gross indicated torque for torque limiting
5 KFZW  Ignition map
6 KFMIRL  Pedal request for desired torque
8 NMAXOG increased Rev limit
10 KFMIOP Optimum engine torque map
11 KFPED Pedal position - pedal know field (TC)
12 KFLBTS lambda setpoint for component protection, higher loading values lowered
13 KFLDHBN Max Boost level
14 KFDLULS overboost  protection diagnosis
15 KFVPDKLD Maximum allowable pressure ratio for DK LDRA diagnosis(boost leak, all values lowered 66%)
16NDLDRAPU  negative boost deviation alarm
17 KFMLDMN  min air mass befor fault B_minflr HFM / HLM
18 KFMLDMX max flow rate before fault
19 KFLDIMX Map Boost I controller limitation
20 KFLDRL KF for linearization boost pressure = f (TV)
21 LDDIMNN Safety amount LDR I-controller limit negative
22 LDRXN LDR altitude limitation (maximum pressure ratio)
23 TSKRLDAB Time constant for rapid lowering of LDR
24 MRFAVLN  Full load detection threshold for the relative driver requests
25 TFWPFGR Filter time constant for calculation wpfgr_w  ,, unknown really?
26 NMAXDVG  rev limit per gear before over run detect - change to new rev limit
27 ZPSMESS  UKNOWN - comes up as dummy sektion in DAMOS
28 DFSKVO  Upper tolerance limit for fill level sensor diagnostics

I have tried to convert the German description over  .Not just using the google translate as i found this to throw me off track , but buy looking at the  Funktionsrahmen also as much as i could

Im quite familiar with tuning other things like honda CRX  and another car i own running Emerald management with an engine i built but i am finding it difficult to fully understand the bosch

Basically im asking - do you think my translation is good and also am i barking up the right tree ?

Im a lot more familiar with the older honda stuff , using chrome and also tuner pro i find it quite easy to road tune with the innovate lm2 wideband controller and a home made knock detection device . I would agree that it is probably because there are far less maps on these ecu's  , on these i and my friend have managed to program launch control and also a shift ligh out of the em light

With the bosch ECU i keep seeing what looks like a loading axis on a few of the tables but cannot understand why this goes up to 150% 

I have also tried to transfer the data over from winols to tuner pro with little success , i can manage to get the axis hex address in but really start to struggle in getting the values in the tables in tunerpro to look anything like winols

if anyone could shed any light and point me in the right direction that would be really great

thanks in advance again for any help -  Dan

Nice first post (no sarcasm).

Now that you got the introduction out of the way, you will definely get more help by asking a few specific questions at a time.

Don't get hung up on the map descriptions. Download the Funktionsrahmen posted on this site and study the functions behavior.

WinOLS to Tunerpro is a simple transition. You just have to relate the different terminology used. If you have a specific question ask and I will help. If I find some time I will try to write something up.

Hi bud , thanks for a reply and some advice .
I guess i asked so many questions as there are so many to ask .

I have downloaded the funktionsrahmen from here as you said and already the descriptions and what the functions do are coming more clear .

From spending a few hours on here last night i can already tell that i have not been on the site enough at all - I even managed to sort out my main issue with tuner pro ( finding the right area to enter the factors as an expression ) although im still a little fuzzy about what the DA association does when setting up a table

my end goal i suppose is to create an xdf for tuner pro so i can tweek fueling and ignition a little after modifying the engine , i would also like to be able to rescale the MAF for using a bigger one when i reach the hard limit . As well as rescalling for bigger injectors , turbo  , basically the usual stuff .
I would also like to be able to remove the MAF all together at some point , with enough study on the subject i should be able to work it out .

In quite a few of the tables in the maps i.e KFZW  i have an axis of RPM  and then also another of % that ranges from 20.25 to 150 % . I assume this is some sort of loading value but i cant quite figure exactly how this value is determined

time for more study i believe , great site guys

so i think im starting to get my head around the functions of ECU and what exactly relates to what ,

my next major issue would be the checksums 
What is the best method of locating the checksums within a file ?

When i upload the file to my Galletto i get the information of

checksum 81cf

searching at this address in winols all the data around that area seems to be at 255 in 8 bit format
does anyone have any suggestions as to where i can read up on checksums ?


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