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Author Topic: MED 17.5- Good Decat Method, Second Lambda OFF & More.  (Read 1495 times)

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« on: March 14, 2018, 11:32:22 AM »


I am preparing a good base file for a GTI MK6 with downpipe & decat.
Right now it has the two lambdas connected, and working.
My intention is to cancel all systems related to the catalyst.
From what I understand the second lambda can modify fuel trims, that's why I want to disconnect it.

At the moment I have modified:
CDKAT (CAT Diagnose) -> 0
CDKATF (CAT Diagnose) -> 0
CDKATSP (CAT Diagnose) -> 0
CDHSH (Post cat O2 heater diagnosis) -> 0
CDHSHE (Post cat O2 heater amplifier diagnosis) -> 0
CDLASH (Lambda sensor aging diagnosis (SHK) in OBDII-Mode (inverse: EURO-Mode) -> 0
CDLATV (Lambda sensor aging diagnosis (tv) in OBDII-Mode (inverse: EURO-Mode) -> 0
CDLSH (Post cat O2 sensor diagnosis) -> 0

CDHSV Necessary too?

OK, I've been reading the WikiS4, I have also:

CWDLSAHK (88) (Code word for probe aging after KAT), I have read that if you modify CDLASH to 0 it is not necessary to modify this value.
CWKONLS (7) (Codeword for configuration Lambda probes), according to the wiki:

CWKONLS (0x181BB) - Vehicles with 4 installed sensors - change from 51 (0x33 / 00110011b) to 17 (0x11 / 00010001b) [55] Vehicles with 2 installed sensors (default value 3), set to 1. When setting CWKONLS CDLSH must also be configured to prevent malfunction in circuit DTC's.

What value do I need to put in CWDLSAHK? In MED17.5

I have also canceled the heating of the catalyst with FKHABMN = 0, and the cleaning of the catalyst with CWLRKA=0.

To  disable rear O2 lambda control in ME7 it is necessary CLRKA = 0, CLRSHK ..., but I can not find the corresponding one in MED17.

On the other hand in the Wiki appears as "fix" ATM after canceling the second lambda probe, someone has achieved it in MED 17.5? I'm reading the bosch PDF but it's very complex.

I know there are many things, I just need a little guidance to continue Smiley

I add original, modified file and .kp.
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« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2019, 08:06:47 AM »

Hi, I'm currently looking at doing the same for a friend of mine, bear in mind I come from the world of MS43 (BMW tuning), so this is a new layout for me, however I am using TunerPro.

Did you have much success with this mod? We are currently installing a decat and downpipe which has already thrown a CEL, so looking at coding that out before moving to the next item with the hybrid turbo.

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