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Author Topic: MLMAX on a BAM ecu  (Read 313 times)

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« on: August 05, 2019, 04:06:53 PM »

Hi Guys, I was hoping to get a bit of help from you knowledgeable lot.

I have a mk1 tt, BAM ecu (8E0906018H), currently with a great map to suit the hybrid turbo - all is well and I'm happy. If I go WOT from relatively low revs, I will throw a P0103 code (MAF too high). I've managed to get the car to a place where I have zero DTCs apart from this, and this code first brings up the ESP light (because it's a MAF related code), and then the engine light after some time. I end up always clearing the code but it will come back soon enough. Because I track the car, I want to know that if the engine light comes on, it's something that I actually don't know about and should look into before thrashing it again.

I read that MLMAX (Maximum airflow) & KFMLDMX (HFM threshhold for B_maxflr diagnosis) can be increased so that it doesnt throw a maf 'too high' code. However I have scoured through nefmoto trying to find a definition file to use in TunerPro that actually has these locations in it. I've found loads of other definitions that have the locations in, but are for other ecus. I tried to correlate them but that's a bit beyond my depth of knowledge at the moment. All the other maps seem completely random so I did't think using a different definition to change MLMAX will do what I want it to!

Anybody got any ideas on changing those two parameters for a 1.8t 225 (BAM/AMK)?

Alternatively, any idea how I can remove the P0103 code from coming up/disable it?

Thanks for the help!

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