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Author Topic: Multiple Maps on me7.1 Audi TT 8N - switching using brake pedal.  (Read 2154 times)
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« Reply #15 on: August 25, 2019, 09:26:29 AM »

everyday's a learning day.. Wink this is supposed to be fun though - remember.  there's clearly a big difference between downloading tunerpro, XDF and mpps and changing some tables and logging the results - to following the programs in assembler. of course I dont know how these ECUs work - that's part of the learning isn't it - I originally thought they were event driven, then I assumed they were on a loop. I'll work it out - there so much information here to help.  (I am pretty excited about looking at this, not done any assembler since about 1987 at BAe apprenticeship writing org100 TSRs - leaving that job was a big career error)

this is the wrong forum for this thread

Yeah, I know B5 is the sole UK seller of the ignitron ECUs - someone has spent maybe a million £ creating a solution you can get for £1K - which does most of the work for you, and gets rid of the issues like not using of actual load for fuelling only desired <-- seems mental doesn't it, plus the launch control toys all included.

(it'll be mental if some of the dis-assembled code in the ignitron code, has comments and variable names from threads on this forum!)

Thanks for you help Smiley

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A standalone can never control this engine like the stock ME7 can , if you can tune it well or know it well, never.Also using desired load for fueling ONLY is freakin stupid , you could be wasting gas for no reason etc imo.
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