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Author Topic: editing ME7.5 soft coding  (Read 5342 times)

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So youve got a corrupted eep, 'some tune for that car' and wonder why its not going usual way?

The "some tune for this car" was done by a shop before I had any knowledge about doing anything myself. What I wanted to point out by writing "for that car" is that I have later (when I gained some experience around these things) checked the map with WinOLS and compared it to the stock file which proved it was not some janky crossflash but the original map, edited, how good were the edits is another story, but thats besides the point because VARTAB and similar things stayed untouched.

Hes absolutely right - ecu doesn't accept coding which inst listed at VARTAB and its pointless to force that, and how the hell this correlates to your case? Or you magically could recode it with non VARTAB value?

He was saying it doesn't accept something that "isn't stored in the flash", the VARTAB section off the flash was untouched, the coding I was trying to put on the car WAS STORED IN THE VARTAB (obviously, it's the stock file, I think it was even the VARDEF), but the one already coded (because of a bad copy/paste immo off job at another shop) was not, so you're not understanding the situation either. If anything, the ECU has some sort of pre-check to first validate the current coding with the VARTAB values, before also checking the new one and then writing the new one.

Coding wasnt accepted bc of corrupted eep or plugged TCU etc

-unplug TCU

Unplug TCU? What TCU? There is no TCU in a manual b5.

-recode can-gateway to the same or new code matching equipment
The CAN Gateway section in VCDS always failed to connect for me, I assumed the car does not have this module however it was a facelift car so I'm not sure. Did not dig deeper, was unneeded as well.
But even if the car did have this module, how would the coding change for this module if the immo off job was done by physically desoldering the eeprom from the ECU and writing some b6 immo off bin to it?

Anyways, I don't even have this car anymore and the solution to the problem that I happened to stumble upon is quite fast and non-messy, just wanted to share it if anyone lands here from google... and also maybe prove some arrogant people here wrong, who obviously couldn't stand seeing someone getting into car electronics.
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