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Author Topic: Audi A3 8L ARY checksum request  (Read 2286 times)

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« on: December 13, 2021, 06:32:58 AM »

I have such a problem with the Me7sum program
I can't find the output file with the code checked anywhere.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Me7sum>me7sum ARYupgraded.bin outARY.bin
ME7Tool (v1.0.3) [Management tool for Bosch ME7.x firmwares]
Inspiration from Andy Whittaker's tools and information.
Written by 360trev and nyet [BSD License Open Source].

Attempting to open firmware file 'ARYupgraded.bin'

Step #1: Reading ROM info ..
 Searching for EPK signature...OK
 Searching for ECUID table...OK
 EPK         : '40/1/ME7.5/5/4019.00//24b/Dst02o/220900//'
 Part Number : 'Tuned'
 Engine ID   : '1.8L R4/5VT     '
 SW Version  : '0001'
 HW Number   : '0261206790'
 SW Number   : '1037360287'

Step #2: Reading ROMSYS ..
 Startup section: word[0x008000]+word[0x00FFFE]
 @008038 Add=0x0081F7 CalcAdd=0x0081F7  ADD OK
 Program pages: 8k page first+last in 0x0000-0xFFFF and 0x20000-0xFFFFF
 @00803c Add=0xA0920E CalcAdd=0xA0920E  ADD OK
 All param page: word[0x010000]+word[0x01FFFE]
 @01bde6 Add=0x00971D CalcAdd=0x00971D  ADD OK

Step #3: Reading RSA signatures ..
 Searching for RSA offset #0...missing
 Searching for RSA offset #1...missing

Step #4: Finding CRC table(s) ..
 Searching for CRC table(s)...OK
 CRC table(s) OK

Step #5: Reading Main Data Checksums ..
 Searching for main data CRC pre block...OK
 Searching for main data CRC/csum blocks...OK
 Searching for main data CRC offsets...OK
 Searching for main data checksum offsets...missing
 Main CRCs:
 0) 0x0183C8-0x0183D1                      CalcCRC: F865666E
 1) 0x010002-0x013FFE @8d93a CRC: 2935CB58 CalcCRC: D4DDF6DE(r) ** FIXED **
 2) 0x014252-0x017F4E @8d940 CRC: 2FAFAB12 CalcCRC: 490D2C57(r) ** FIXED **
 3) 0x018192-0x01FBDC                      CalcCRC: 6F7CF064(r)
 4) 0x026A00-0x02FFFC @8d946 CRC: 4B83ED1C CalcCRC: 292E084D(r) ** FIXED **

Step #6: Reading Main Program Checksums ..
 Searching for main program checksum..OK
 ROM Checksum Block Offset Table @1f702 [16 bytes]:
 1) 0x000000-0x00FBFF CalcChk: 48D03D91
    0x00FC00-0x01FFFF CalcChk: 21461A22 CalcCRC: 5AB4F727 SKIPPED
 2) 0x020000-0x0FFFFF
    <fffe0>  Chk: 5650FEC0 CalcChk: 5650696D ** FIXED **

Step #7: Reading Multipoint Checksum Blocks ..
 Searching for multipoint block descriptor #1...missing
 Searching for multipoint block descriptor #2...OK
 1) <1fbde>  0x000000-0x003FFF Chk: 0FA0F5CF Boot: (whitelisted) OK
 2) <1fbee>  0x004000-0x007FFF Chk: 0F4716B3 Boot: (whitelisted) OK
 3) <1fbfe>  0x000000-0x003FFF Chk: 0FA0F5CF CalcChk: 0FA0F5CF OK
 4) <1fc0e>  0x004000-0x007FFF Chk: 0F4716B3 CalcChk: 0F4716B3 OK
 Multipoint #2: [66 blocks x <16> = 1056 bytes]

*** Found 71 checksums in ARYupgraded.bin

Attempting to output corrected firmware file 'outARY.bin'
├ż Opening 'outARY.bin' file for writing
├ż Writing to file
├ż Validating size correct 1048576=1048576
├ż All OK, closing file

*** DONE! 9/9 error(s) in ARYupgraded.bin corrected in outARY.bin! ***

C:\Program Files (x86)\Me7sum>me7check outARY.bin
me7check v1.12 (c) mki, 06/2004-05/2012
Checking file outARY.bin (size=1048576)
Reading Version Strings...
-> Bootrom Version = 05.12
-> EPK = 40/1/ME7.5/5/4019.00//24b/Dst02o/220900//
-> Contents of ECUID data table:
   - '0261206790'         (SSECUHN)
   - '1037360287'         (SSECUSN)
   - 'Tuned'              (VAG part number)
   - '0001'               (VAG sw number)
   - '1.8L R4/5VT     '   (engine id)
-> Contents of ECUID data table:
   - 'HW_MAN004'

-> No errors found. File is OK.   *********************

Where should I look for file outARY.bin? It is not in the me7sum directory. Request to check the checksums in my bin file.

Can somebody help me correct my checksum?
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« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2021, 12:47:22 PM »

Lol what do you mean you cant find the file? It should be in the same directly as me7sum. You even check it with me7check in the same directory, cmon... Make sure you dont have certain files hidden or something.

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« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2021, 11:49:04 AM »

Problem solved. The reason was the location of the program in the system. After uninstalling and reinstalling Me7sum, checksum files appeared. Thanks anyway for your help and suggestions.
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