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« on: January 06, 2023, 12:14:50 PM »

Prometey knows a guy - that wont tell him.
He also knows more than Dikhead, but wont tell him.

Dikhead thinks programs should be encrypted.

3 people working on the same thing, not working together. Right on. Keep supporting that.

PRJ Surely knows, but is too arrogant to help.

All of them/you are from Eastern Europe *Russian* and believe in "as a service" - You own Nothing mentality.
See the latest Vice documentary about John Deere owners having to buy hacked shit from these "eastern Europeans"

Piece-of-shit SparkyR from USA is trying to raise a Lawsuit against people for software he doesn't own, or know anything about. Kinda like John Deere.. and Apple.

I am working on a Haldex Solution, incorporated with the ECM logger/flasher + CEM config,.... because I dont have an Auto - and don't believe either of you will share anything more than what is required to get your mission accomplished. I can do Autos down the road when I care. I have driven my Vovlos 0 Miles. Audis are way better. .. speaking of, I went to the Group Projects section with the 3.0t Simos8 and was disgusted.. PRJ is absent because he "makes a living" jewing people with his "services"

Until next time. Have fun.. *popcorn*

Volvo HALL of SHAME:

Guitar24t aka Robert Hilton
SparkyR aka Brandon Halme
Prometey1982 aka Artem Vasiliev
MAXX ECU - Brett Willet
VIDA Leach - David Leech

Useless Twats:
PRJ - Dmitri from Estonia
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