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Author Topic: MG1 -- getting started with flashing  (Read 2292 times)

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« on: November 11, 2023, 11:47:28 AM »

Recent experiments with my BMW B58 ECU have left me with some open questions. If there's anybody
on the group who could answer one or more of them I'd be much obliged.

For the 2016 BMW MG1CS003, is a perfect clone possible or are certain data stored on a HSM?
(WinOLS labels it as DME8.6-B58-SP11-M0-B30-F20-...R1C9J8B3B)

Can anybody recommend a reliable source for WinOLS damos files? I note a guy on ebay called
danielchefe has the files but can anybody confirm their reliability or point to a better alternative?

Format of the i-rom binary. I note that an irom bin read from my ECU and the equivalent bin
found in the BMW-XDFs github project are different in that the irom bin is larger (by about 250k)
and its memory addresses do not align with the corresponding XDF. I guess that the bins on BMW-XDFs
are a calibration file and that the entire i-rom is a file system of some kind, which contains the
calibration file. Alas, this vague hypothesis doesn't get me from my ECU's i-rom to something I can edit in tunerpro and back again. Any pointers here much appreciated.
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