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Author Topic: Additional Logging RAM locations RS6 558B 0002  (Read 2445 times)
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« on: November 11, 2013, 04:09:54 AM »

So I have been playing with IDA Pro for a little while now and thought I would share some RAM locations that might come in handy for anyone doing RS6 tuning/logging.
These are specific to 558B-0002 bin.

uushk2     380ACC
uushk     380ACE
rlmin_w     381870
mifal_w     381FB8
dmar_w     381E4C
mrfgr_w     3816B4
mimax_w     384D54
mimin_w     381D66
misolv_w     381FEA
mivbeb_w     381FC0
mivbeg_w     381FC4
mibas_w     381E8A
mizsolv_w     381FEC
milsol_w     381FFA
etalab     3806F1
mizsol_w     381FEE
mdverf_w     3820B0
fnstab_w     384D1E
mill_w     381D60
mshfm1_w     F94E
mshfm2_w     F950
uhfm2_w     380ABA
nvquot_w     3814E0
nsllmn     3806BA
mizwmn_w     3820D8
dmaufr_w     3826B8
mitebg_w     3823B8
milres_w     381FF6
nstate     3806C2
nstat3     3806C0
etazaist     3806FC
miopt_w     381E8E
etazws     3807CC
dzws             3807CB
miextv_w     381FE4
nasnottm     3806EB
mibgr_w     384D46
minmx_w     3820C8
mivmx_w     384D3A
mibeg_w     381FE2
mimsr_w     380CC0
dmzms_w     381FE0
dmrkh     3848F5
dmrkh_w     384CCC
dmrkt_w     384D4E
dmrllr_w     381D50
etazwb     3806F3
dzwb        3806EC
dmllr_w     381CDC
mdverl_w     3820B2
mkar_w     381E54
mlast_w     381E56
mdbes_w     381E52
kifz_w     381E50
nmod_w     381E64
ndiff_w     381E60
flrar             3806E2
ndiffog_w     381E5E
ndfil_w     381E5C
nmodiv_w     381E62
ndar_w     381E58
fdar             3806E0
fdars             3806E1
wkrdy     F996
zaldy             380699
zwbas     F9E5
miistoar_w     381E48
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« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2014, 08:27:56 AM »

Is this something I can learn to do rather quickly? I would like to get variable locations for 06A906032HS box with later sw versions. 006, 007, 008
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