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Author Topic: LDRXN_1 reference  (Read 1368 times)
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Please help me to find reference to LDRXN_1.
I found the reference to LDRXN_0: Seg0x229@8a4000:4ABE

But there is no LDRXN_1...    Undecided

LDRXN_0 offset is 828458
LDRXN_1 offset is 82849A

So here is the code:

Seg0x229@8a4000:4AB8                 movbz   r4, byte_FA1A
Seg0x229@8a4000:4ABC                 shl     r4, #2
Seg0x229@8a4000:4ABE                 mov     r12, [r4+word_8169B0];       458h
Seg0x229@8a4000:4AC2                 mov     r13, [r4+word_8169B2];       20Ah
Seg0x229@8a4000:4AC6                 movbz   r14, byte_F888
Seg0x229@8a4000:4ACA                 movbz   r15, byte_38061D
Seg0x229@8a4000:4ACE                 calls   82h, LookupN_825e74 ;

As following from another thread, LDRXN_0 is for MT, LDRXN_1 for AT.
I dont know what inside FA1A. So maybe it contains eeprom values for MT/AT coding or smth like that?

I searched for 49Ah, but I found nothing.

Here is R-box files if someone have time for disassembling:
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