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Author Topic: Tuning instrument cluster gauges for Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda  (Read 38839 times)

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« Reply #120 on: March 26, 2020, 11:33:06 PM »

Many thanks for this elaboration - It was so intimidating not knowing what to look for - Kudos!!

I needed to modify the fuel level and volume values for a Passat B5 cluster to be used in the VW T25/T3 Transporter Van. This makes it so easy.


In fact you can change more things at least in 1Jx/3Bx/1U0/3U0/7Mx IMMO3 VDO clusters.

The most important thing is to dinstinguish between VWK501 and VWK503 clusters as there is difference in EEPROM locations between them.
To my best knowledge:
 - 1Jx 920 xx6 clusters are VWK501 (1J0 920 x46G is exception as it is VWK503 and as only Golf cluster I know uses ABS as default speed source)
 - 1Jx 920 xx7 clusters are VWK503
 - 3B0 920 xx5 clusters are VWK501
 - 3B0 920 xx6 clusters are VWK501
 - 3B0 920 xx7 clusters are VWK501
 - 3B0 920 xx9 clusters are VWK503
 - 3U0 920 xx1 clusters are VWK503
 - 3U0 920 xx2 clusters are VWK503

Very important thing if you want to have accurate speed and distance readings is to properly set K value. If your cluster is set to use gearbox sender as speed source (as there are clusters which use ABS as speed source by default and you can change most clusters to use it) you can calculate proper K value using your wheel diameter. You need to calculate how many rotations your wheel needs for 1000m and then multiply it by 7 (as gearbox sensor sends 7 impulses per wheel rotation). The tricky thing about using your custom K value is that after recoding using same coding as before (to recalculate checksum and remove DEF error) you are loosing your custom K value. For VMK501 clusters there is easy solution - you just need to set your dump to have 0 as last digit of cluster coding. For VMK503 clusters there should be a solution but if you set the dump to have 0 as last digit of coding the DEF error will not be cleared. Do not forget that speedometer scale/stepper motor settings are also covered by checksum protection.

Small gauges (fuel, engine and oil temperature and battery voltage) stepper motors have 1500 steps while big gauges have at least 4500 steps.

Here are addresses for VWK501 (VWK503 in brackets when it is different) clusters:
 - 0x065 - speed source setting (0x80 - gearbox sender, 0x81 - ABS)
 - 0x08A [0x0C8] (3x1 map) - number of keys (you have to divide by 11 as it has 11, 22, 33... values), value is stored 3 times
 - 0x145 [0x187] - fuel consumption correction (0x64 - means 100%, no correction) - in IMMO2 clusters it used to be adjustable using adaptation channel
 - 0x150 [0x192] - K value stored as LoHi 16 bit number
 - 0x1D2-0x1D3 [0x204-0x205] - buzzer sound frequency (2 8 bit values)
 - 0x1D4-0x1D5 [0x206-0x207] - buzzer volume (2 8 bit values) - this one does not seem to work at least for me
 - 0x1D6 [0x208] - another setting for buzzer (length of the sound)
 - 0x1ED [0x21F] - lower 4 bits of this byte sets what are iluminated upon switching ignition (0000 - no ilumination, xx11 - displays, x1x1 - gauges, 1xx1 - needles, to combine just sum bits)
 - 0x1EE [0x220] - cruise control lamp setting - when set to E9 it works when CC is switched on, when set to F9 it works only when CC is actually working
 - 0x200 [0x238] (2x1 map) - 2 8 bit numbers which determines when (temperature) information about slipery road is displayed
 - 0x230 [0x268] (8x1 map) - 16 bit LoHi stepper motor map for speedometer
 - 0x248 [0x280] (4x1 map) - 16 bit LoHi stepper motor map for tachometer
 - 0x270 [0x2A8] (8x1 map) - 16 bit LoHi conversion between fuel tank sensor and fuel in litres (I am not sure how to tell if axis at 0x250 or at 0x260 it used [0x288/0x298])
 - 0x290 [0x2C8] (8x1 map) - 16 bit LoHi stepper motor map for fuel gauge
 - 0x2A0-0x2D3 [0x2D8-0x30B] - it seems that even Golf cluster has maps for oil temperature and battery voltage gauges
 - 0x2E0 [0x318] (6x1 map) - 16 bit LoHi stepper motor map for engine temperature (you can correct it to show real temperature, not 90*C between real 74 and 108*C)
 - 0x416 [0x44E] - set it to 0xE1 to activate showing range/RKM/miles to empty
 - 0x417 [0x44F] - set it to 0x6B to show Welcome message (only xxx 920 x4x full FIS clusters)

Proper factors:
 - speed in kmh - 1/16
 - RPM - 1
 - fuel in litres - 1/8
 - temperature in degrees celsius - 1/8
 - Ohm - 1
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« Reply #121 on: March 29, 2020, 02:13:51 PM »

Based on the 1U0 920 811 D EEPROM in the first post of this threat, I investigate addresses and maps to unterstand how infos are stored.

I found a few more like IMMO-ID, car VIN, VAG-Nr. etc.
What I still struggel with is Login-Code Sad

VAG EEPROM Programmer tells me, Login-Code is (0) 35 60 of this dump, but I still did not find these patters in E2 ? Two bytes before IMMO-ID there arenĀ“t ..
Can some help me and "open my eyes" on this ?

Does anyone find, where checksumm of the EEPROM is stored and how to calculate, when chancing maps ?
Does re-code after re-write do work also at Audi clusters ? (I unterstand not.. )

Thanks for advice
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« Reply #122 on: April 01, 2020, 02:38:37 AM »

It doesn't work for audi clusters - the checksum isnt connected with coding like in vw clusters
And how is it possible to calculate ck for audi cluster?  Huh
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