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 on: Today at 06:39:02 AM 
Started by Sandstorm3k - Last post by Sandstorm3k
But do you have random lean spots or is your fueling just maxed out with this st2 tune?

Fuelling must be around its max. It's 317cc injectors @ 4 bar. I could check injector DC. From what i can tell looking at VCDS it really appears to be random lean spots for whatever reason. WOT looks good, idle sometimes good other minute way to lean same for cruise/slow accelerating load. Slowly accelerating also comes with missfires but not every time.

 on: Today at 06:29:28 AM 
Started by Sandstorm3k - Last post by aef
But do you have random lean spots or is your fueling just maxed out with this st2 tune?

 on: Today at 06:14:21 AM 
Started by Sandstorm3k - Last post by Sandstorm3k
hardware problem?
No hardware problem. Engine runs well on known working file which came on the car (it is a badly tuned stg2 file).

 on: Today at 05:58:08 AM 
Started by Sandstorm3k - Last post by aef
hardware problem?

not looked in your files

 on: Today at 04:37:20 AM 
Started by Sandstorm3k - Last post by Sandstorm3k

I'm hoping someone can take a look for me at these files, as i'm obviously doing something extremely wrong here. I know how to log using ME7logger but already using VCDS i can see i'm running extremely lean for whatever reason on idle and part throttle (even throwing missfire codes & lean codes). WOT actually appears to be fine, lambda values look good. I already flashed back to a known working file after 1 small drive.

I understand the need for logs, but i don't feel comfortable running this again as i'm doing something very wrong but i can't point my finger at what. Every change I made seems valid, and the only fuelling changes made are in KRKTE and LAMFA. One moment it runs well, the other moment it is too lean. What could cause this? On part throttle it missfires, stutters and what not. I haven't even changed anything regarding small load so i don't understand.

Requested and specified boost looks spot on, around 1.4bar (as planned). Car is ran on RON98 fuel exclusively so I believe aiming for around ~12.2AFR at WOT makes sense.

This is a tune I completely made by myself, there is nothing copied over from other tunes. It's also probably an extremely noob mistake i'm overseeing here.

Attached is my own version, stock and XDF. Car has no faults, using the file it came with or stock it runs perfect. I've also ran a basic 'stage 1' changed file (made by myself) which also has no problems.

If it still is of use to log this file, please let me know and i will get right to it.

 on: Today at 04:30:06 AM 
Started by fredrik_a - Last post by vwdenisvw
I've added possibility for lambda > 1.0 in my BIN. I'm running on 1.1 lambda on low load.

Есть изменения в расходе?

 on: Today at 04:25:40 AM 
Started by fredrik_a - Last post by vwdenisvw
My car feels like it needs some juice so I'm trying to gather information for a safe Stage 1 remap.

The boost can be increased to 0.8 bar with standard injectors 831. For a start, it's enough to simply increase the ldrxn values. And adjust a little afr to 0.87-0.9 in lamfa.
For all stock, this will be enough.

 on: Today at 03:00:43 AM 
Started by marchewa - Last post by marchewa
Hi, I have problem with wgdc drop even if actual boost is not meeting desired.

It is MED17.1. Is there possibility that some turbo speed limiter is causing this?
I tried some changes with boost pid but no luck so I would be grateful if anyone could give some directions

 on: Today at 02:38:33 AM 
Started by Lacee90 - Last post by Lacee90
Hy All

I have problem with the i regulation adaptation after some pulls. The adaptation values (group 111) go up after some driving cycles to 10-20% and cause higher overboost on wot. I dont have underboost so im dont know the ecu why make positive adaptation.

I read the s4 wiki and im find the map sensor limit problem.
I need increase the LDEIAP and TLDIAPN?

My requested boost is 2300mb.
Usualy i have 150-200 mb overboost after spool and go down to 2300mb .

Somebody have any idea?
Thank you for the help.

 on: Today at 02:12:45 AM 
Started by ksm502007 - Last post by ksm502007
Help find maps for ECU 06A 906032FL soft 1037362281, or similar. I can't find it NLLM, MSLUB, MSLBAS. In the ones presented here, but with the other letters at the end, the cards do not match.
Really nobody will share damos on this block?

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