October 23, 2009

Web, Web, and More Web, a little WPF

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Sorry for the long time between posts. I have been busy doing some improvements to the website and getting the free flashing tool written.

I started integrating MediaWiki into the website to provide a place for all of the reference info to be stored. Forums are great for discussion, but it is hard to provide clear concise info in them. I ended up doing some changes to the site layout to work better with MediaWiki; you may have noticed the site is now full width, rather than a fixed column in the centre. These changes necessitated me spending some more time learning some trickier CSS techniques. Then of course there was all the timed needed to reskin MediaWiki to look like the rest of the site. The wiki is almost ready to go, but there are a few bugs I want to get fixed before I fully integrate it into the site. Camden has been doing some awesome work adding some initial info to the wiki. Once it is completely up and running I hope to spend some time writing some in-depth info for everyone.

As for the free flashing tool I promised everyone, it is still coming along. All of the flashing code is done, now I am just working on the UI. I’m sorry it is taking longer than expected, but I want to make sure this is a really good tool. I don’t want to release something that is a hack or half complete. Currently I am moving my code from C# with Windows Forms to C# with WPF, and this little free flashing tool is my first basic WPF app. It is definitely easier to get started with a new system on a smaller application, then trying to move my all my old code over at once. The reason I am moving to WPF is because it natively supports 3D rendering, and I really want to get away from the Managed DirectX I am using currently.

My car is still not tuned, since all my time goes to the website and flashing tool at the moment. Hopefully once the wiki is launched, and the flashing tool is done I can go back to tuning for a little while again. And after that I will start thinking about what tools to release next…

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