March 3, 2011

ECU Flasher and Base B5 S4 Stage 3 Tune!

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Version of the ECU flasher has been out for a few days now, and is definitely and improvement over the previous version. You can download it HERE.

What’s new in the latest version is:

  • No longer blocks waiting to read message echo.
  • No longer requires that message echo is an exact match.
  • Now supports erasing and programming entire flash at once when sector erasing fails.
  • Auto detects if the ECU is in sector erase or entire flash erase mode.
  • Now supports recovering from previous failed flashing attempts.
  • New generic 29F800 and 29F400 memory layouts that aren’t BB or BT specific.
  • Lots of bug fixes to the communication system.

Also, to facilitate open development of B5 S4 tuning, I have released my base tune. You can download it HERE.

December 30, 2010

The NefMoto ME7 VW Audi ECU Flasher Version is now available

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This latest release ended up being focused on compatibility improvements for 2003/2004 VW/Audi, and a whole bunch of user interface improvements. You can find the latest release here:

In the next release I hope to finish adding in support for premium features I keep talking about, as well as adding in the initial support for checksum validation.

October 27, 2010

What I am planning next

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Here is what I am planning for the next release:

  • Better decoding of the ECU info that is read from the ECU.
  • Tool tips explaining what different operations do, and why buttons are disabled.
  • Support for using the premium fast flashing feature that allows you to flash in about 40 seconds.

Shortly after that I will be working on:

  • Adding a new premium feature for unlocking ECUs that prevent reading the flash memory.
  • Adding a new premium feature for correcting checksums. This first release will only support specific 2.7T ECU flash files, and will not be a generic ME7 checksum correction tool.
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