June 28, 2011

Where Oh Where Has Tony Gone?

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I’m sorry I have been unavailable lately. I have been overloaded with work at my day job, trying to get a large product shipped. That work was almost done, when a previously planned big family vacation came due. Currently I am on vacation in Germany, with a stop over in Ireland and the UK. I should be able to get up to speed again with NefMoto at the end of July.

I have been working on the first release of the NefMoto data logging software. Currently I believe the software is about 90% done for a first release. The software logs memory addresses from the ecu, so you need where the variables are stored. At the moment since I am on vacation, it is hard to find the time to get the details finished to release.

On another note, I believe forum spam has been defeated. But if spam does pop up again, please let me know.

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