August 24, 2009

Let’s get started with some dev talk

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The goal of the NefMoto blog is to involve the user community in the development of my engine tuning products. Hopefully this way I can deliver a product that the community values and which meets the users needs.

As the website becomes more functional I will be adding more information about the products I am working on. Until then, I will try to share some of my thoughts on what I am working on as the project moves from the proof of concept phase and into the consumer product creation phase.

Currently I am dividing my time between setting up this website, and creating a proper tune for my car. I am currently having some trouble with the air fuel ratio under high boost. As far as I can tell everything is working properly, and the car is requesting the correct air fuel ratio, but my wide band sensor is saying I am running to lean. I am using the lambda enrichment tables to achieve the air fuel ratio, rather than hacking the injector calibration tables like most tuners do.

So I have decided I am going to put some more work into my custom data logger. The data logger I have written can read or write anything from the memory in the engine computer. I am going to spend some time logging some of the intermediate values that are used in calculating the fuel injection values, and see if I can figure out why the requested air fuel ratio is not being achieved. Currently the data logger I have written only allows me to display values, and doesn’t support recording to a log file. Hopefully I can get some basic recording written in a few days, and start figuring out my fueling problems.

I am hesitant to put to much effort into the data logger though, since my plan is to completely redo all of the user interface as I start creating the consumer version of my software. Hopefully I can get some data recording put together quickly.

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