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 on: Today at 12:50:26 PM 
Started by JustGav - Last post by JustGav
The FKVVS table has lots of values in it, so figured would leave these along until there is dyno time to fine adjust the fueling.

 on: Today at 12:46:39 PM 
Started by JustGav - Last post by JustGav
Okay, so starting from scratch, spent the time look at the injector scaling first, here are my notes.

Injector Scaling

Need changing -

KRKTE - Conversion of the relative fuel mass rk into the effective injection time (Injector contstant for scaling)
TVUB - Injector voltage correction
KFWWL/KFFWLW - Map weighting warm-up factor
FKVVS - Correction factor fueling system
TVTSPEV - injection time offset based on estimated injector temperature - 4x1
FRLFSDP - injection time scaling factor based on predicted vacuum relative to outside pressure  - 11x1
TEMIN - The minimum amount of time the injector will remain open during a cycle in millaseconds.
KVB - Consumption Guage Constant


KRKTE - 0.05924430
TVUB -;topic=320.0

I am still trying to work out where to get the TVUB from, I found the gif of the injectors

However, I see people quoting numbers such as
tvub - volts 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

So still trying to understand the relationship

 on: Today at 12:41:07 PM 
Started by NBR - Last post by automan001
Thanks for the shared info about DQ500! Lots of useful stuff to start learning. BTW, i found one more example of DQ500 ori and tuned file (for Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI DQ500 0BH300011N ST3A0I) at first link from this thread you will see the files nearby that folder. Might be useful for someone. I'm going to load provided here a2ls into WinOls and use those original and tuned examples to start figuring out what maps are usually touched when tuning DSG.
Can anyone share specs for DSG where all those maps are described in detail?

 on: Today at 10:30:39 AM 
Started by JustGav - Last post by fukenbroken
Start from scratch and deal with PID control. Not an easy path for a beginner but should be done if you want quick spool
Also you doesnt log timing, retards, lambda regulation, specified load etc. Just use example config coming with me7logger. Its good for that

As for multimap. Its possible but much more experience and asm code skills needed here

If there is same wg actuator spring then a good chance you can deal with it by the KFLDIMX only

 on: Today at 10:28:23 AM 
Started by JustGav - Last post by JustGav
Okay, been digging into the map differences between the two.

Given there are a few fairly substantial changes over the stock engine.

1. 550cc injectors (So need to research the correct way they should be scaled)
2. 3" MAF housing (as above)
3. Different turbo (K03 hybrid).

So the stock map ran with the stock injectors and maf but with the K03 turbo, so beginning to think that should take the original file again, and do a step by step change, firstly injectors and MAF, and then come back around for the turbo piece.

 on: Today at 10:15:24 AM 
Started by JustGav - Last post by JustGav
Multimaps I do believe have multiple LDRXN's, however given the present issues I'd prefer to clean the map up before introducing any more things.

 on: Today at 10:10:36 AM 
Started by JustGav - Last post by JustGav
The overboost protection being the LDRXN table by any chance? I saw the values where at 240

 on: Today at 10:09:15 AM 
Started by JustGav - Last post by JustGav
Riggght, that's a lot to start with.  Will start reading up on those items. 

Thanks for having a look, will now look at how to remedy. Appreciate the assistance.

 on: Today at 09:56:13 AM 
Started by JustGav - Last post by fukenbroken
Of course its spooling slow
Youre not using PID for boost control, just early 2000s subaru style ped vs wg
KFZWMN to -12 all cells but why?
ESKONF not touched
KVB not touched
Overboost protection disabled
iop axis with last same rows
kfzw stock axis 150% when you running up to 170%
TB fault protection disabled
flat FKKVS
and another tons of odd changes
and personally my favorite - KFLBTS and flattering table to 1.00 where values originally was >1.00 indicates that person who did this absolutely doesnt know how it works

looks like early etuners stuff lol

dont get the question about multimaps

 on: Today at 09:27:52 AM 
Started by Kacza - Last post by NoOne
I asked for help and I didn't get it, so I had to do it myself and I did quite well Smiley Now I offer help myself. Do you see anything wrong with it?

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