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 on: Today at 01:09:26 PM 
Started by cons30rus - Last post by cons30rus
Here is not much information about the features of the logic of atmospheric motors with Med 9.1 ECU. For better understanding ECU logic for atmo VR6 engine with ECU 9.1 and without EGR, I traced logics and made pdf files with English parameter names:

From acceleration pedal to request charge:

From request charge to throttle valve opening:

From MAF to modelled air filling via throttle valve:

From modelled air filling via throttle valve to predicted intake air charge:

From predicted air charge to fuel injection time:

From engine rev to KFMIOP and maximum available indexed torque mimax_w:

From lambda correction and request torque mrfa_w to LAMFA rk_w_KFMIRL_mibas_w:

From MAF to air charge via throttle valve:

It may be useful for someone.

 on: Today at 09:22:50 AM 
Started by d3irb - Last post by nihalot
This is some seriously cool stuff! Thanks for sharing, this will definitely help with what I'm trying to learn wrt exploit dev

 on: Today at 07:15:49 AM 
Started by gonzarace - Last post by RBPE
great! thank you !!!!    i speak spanish and not found good forums in my language!

Look through there for your ecu or as close to it as you can.

 on: Yesterday at 06:30:01 PM 
Started by Lins - Last post by Lins
Hello everyone. I’m taking some online tuning courses and happened to stumble across this site. I’ll poke around and see if there’s anything I can learn from in here.


 on: Yesterday at 01:07:33 PM 
Started by gonzarace - Last post by gonzarace
Find a damos or mappack thats close to what ypu have, make your own.

There is a few defs rolling around here depending on your ecu...but your gonna have to go through the fprum and dig for it

great! thank you !!!!    i speak spanish and not found good forums in my language!

 on: Yesterday at 10:24:37 AM 
Started by Groopan - Last post by Groopan

I am from Trinidad here to learn and expand knowledge

 on: Yesterday at 08:57:41 AM 
Started by quattro85 - Last post by prj
Ah, sorry.
I thought you had A4 1.8TFSI for some reason the entire time. I don't know why. The file even has 8P in part number.

The unfortunate thing is, I don't support your ECU in my logger. Only MED9 is supported for TP2.0.
That said, I have a Passat EDC17CP14 TP2.0 ECU here, so I can try to add support for MED17 over TP2.0 as well. It's just very different from MED9.

 on: Yesterday at 06:54:01 AM 
Started by quattro85 - Last post by quattro85
Really appreciate your input here!
It is interesting to read such findings from some one with such experience like you.

And yes while I was reading this it make sense for me Smiley

However you are not right that this ECU is UDS.
It is in CAN TP2.0 ECU with typical KWP2000 measuring blocks.
Even for my 1.4TFSI 8P sportback (model year 2013 - the last one) I use PCMFlash module 65 and it works.

As I know only UDS ECU in Audi A3 8P is for 1.2TFSI.

 on: Yesterday at 05:50:45 AM 
Started by quattro85 - Last post by prj
Your software number is 8P7907115H and your software version is 0030.
ALL other numbers are irrelevant on VAG.
These two numbers uniquely identify your software version.

Also, you will never find an SGO for your ECU because it is UDS. SGO was used up to TP2.0.

I attached your stock file that you can use with PCMFlash etc.

 on: Yesterday at 05:43:22 AM 
Started by quattro85 - Last post by prj
Yes I read treads that you mentioned for precontrol hack for MED17 but I think there was a reason that Bosch engineers decide to take this path of calculating precontrol element.
The reason is that they thought they can design a system which they can copy paste compressor and turbine map and it's calibrated.
But this turned out not the case, and in every software there is an end-control calibrated map anyway. But they are too proud to disregard it.
Because I can easily find calibrations used exactly for this turbo made by same guys from Bosch, VAG or whatever - why not to using their experience? At least they heavily tested their solution.
Because the calibration is not for your turbo. It's calibration for engine + turbo.
While they tried to do segregation they failed spectacularly.

If you do the patched pre-control your boost control will be better than OEM in all instances, this is the funny part.
It will be much tighter. Cold weather, hot weather, altitude. Funny, no?

This is because they try to use 200 maps to control 1 PWM actuator. It's idiotic at it's very core.

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