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 on: Today at 09:49:38 PM 
Started by focalpoint519 - Last post by focalpoint519
and why is it when i flash the 95040 with another immo file it changes the soft coding visible in VCDS, i found the FD box has 00001 coding which is closer then tiptronic coding, but atm on bench this seems to be only way me 7.5 soft coding to change, i know me 7.1 took the soft coding changes on the bench via VCDS last time, just wondering whats diff, ecu is flashed, but tried orig flash and orig immo file, the auto boxes just stay stuck as is, or is this a ecu that needs to be modified in car, im using login 45678 still doesnt change anything.

 on: Today at 09:22:30 PM 
Started by BrainlessBad - Last post by 6L20vt
Yes, if your ecu is wideband, and you have the right tools you can write the hn file or the cb file. It may be necessary for you to make an inmo off or have a copy of the eeprom of those ECUs to adapt them in your vehicle. In the forum you have applications that can help you to make these changes, but you must have tools to be able to write the flash and eeprom. You can also search for a definition of your file and transform it into xdf. There is a tool for this also available in the forum

 on: Today at 08:46:01 PM 
Started by BrolisM - Last post by 316LV
I wish, haha.  You must not be american.  Smiley  google jeopardy.

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Thanks for the laugh man. Adam isn't English or retarded, they just don't have enough Trebek moderated game shows airing in Scotland apparently  Grin

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Started by focalpoint519 - Last post by focalpoint519
I am unable to change the soft coding in VCDS for ME 7.5, i change the values  and click "do it" and they dont stick, i was wondering if ecu need to be in car for a soft recode? and is this software-code located in the flash? and if so, can it be eddied in the flash.bin, or is this a VCDS only setting?

 on: Today at 08:23:27 PM 
Started by SUPREME - Last post by 316LV
Buy a FleaBay ECU to mess around with and leave yours as it is for a back up. Safe way to play.

 on: Today at 07:58:43 PM 
Started by golfputtputt - Last post by 316LV
...Anyone know of any way to log these mk4's without pulling the cluster fuse? I find my car gets jerky and odd during part throttle when i pull the fuse and log, this will def interfere with data accuracy when it comes time to tune part throttle.

Sucks that the cluster goes dead too doesn't it? I just removed the cluster from the equation by bypassing the K-line instead of fuse pulling. Run K-line straight from the ECU to the OBD port using a switch as the bypass. All you need is a $2 DPDT switch and a bit of wire. I detailed it in this post:

Flip it to bypass and log to your heart's content, flip it back to access the cluster over OBD. If you don't want to cut wires it seems the fuse trick is the only solution. I searched long and hard before I grabbed the wire cutters and soldering iron...

 on: Today at 03:15:47 PM 
Started by djbmini - Last post by djbmini
Good evening all thank you to all for a great forum lots of great info here i have been reading and learning from here and the wiki for a few months. I started to modify my flash and was hoping some one with some med9 experience would take a look at my file and let me know if i am headed in the right direction its a file in progress have not messed with timing yet just fueling and boost. i am not looking to be spoon feed  I want to learn to tune my own files and wanted confirmation that i am moving in the right direction or completely wrong. Waiting on my ross-tech cable so i can log before loading the flash and making more changes
thanks DJB

 on: Today at 02:43:20 PM 
Started by bl33su - Last post by Khendal
 Grin Cool ...crazy guys Cheesy

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Started by vwmaniac - Last post by vwmaniac
smoke test on spare block

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Started by dope40 - Last post by prenis
Can you reupload it?

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