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 on: Today at 12:58:17 PM 
Started by vwnut8392 - Last post by vwnut8392
This is a full read from the TCU of my 2016 S7.

 on: Today at 12:24:13 PM 
Started by f-schlauch - Last post by player
There are ME7.1 Schematics somewhere on the forum.
The schematics show that divider if you follow A_HFM or how the input was called.

The schematics show always all options so they sometimes look like a short circuit.
There are Top and Bottom silkscreens too in the so you can see which R is where.

There is a parts list for every ecu number which decides which parts are then populated or not, so the base circuit board is quite versatile,
However there are not may partslists out i guess...

In German you call them St├╝ckliste.

Hello .first of all thanks for the great info. i do have few questions however.
Top and Bottom silkscreens are for the NA 6 cyl  or for the 6cyl T version? ex:8e0909552 6 cyl NA or 8d0907551 6 cyl turbo?
Also,in stuckliste in excel , 286:3 , 345:02 v6t and 344:02 v6s. the v6t is the turbo version and the v6s is the NA?


 on: Today at 11:15:29 AM 
Started by Snow Trooper - Last post by jimmcgee5
 Wink thanks for this  Grin

 on: Today at 08:25:46 AM 
Started by bamofo - Last post by bamofo
Looking for advise on what tools i should be purchasing to read/write to MED9.1.1

Looking into the FSI Audi Q7 but before i get one i really need to learn MED9.1

ECU ID will be 4L0910560C

So far im seeing MPPS V18 but im unsure if i have to Checksum the file first or if it will do Checksum for me. i have an mpps v16 but ive never had any luck reflashing with it..

Thanks in advance.

 on: Today at 07:48:26 AM 
Started by horon6155 - Last post by horon6155
Hello guys,

i would like buy a eeprom reader for my m3.8.2, but i not know which reader is a right reader. Can you tell me which one to buy?

 on: Today at 06:37:16 AM 
Started by AngelPowy - Last post by luigicmd
My friend,
i have same problem and after talk engineering nostrum, this injector not possible install  Sad

 on: Today at 06:35:32 AM 
Started by BlackT - Last post by soul87
Yes as far I can see, I didn't open the turbo to check. My friend told me thatI think I didnt make myself clear.
Problem is high calculated EGT, so I have a retard ignition after gear change and BTS request a AFR below 10 . Look at graph below at maximum boost...
Same is from 3rd gear to 4th, as wheel (I  cool down the car and do another run) from 4 th to 5th. Every time if calculaced EGT is high i get retard ignition and enrichment

I want to lower down, "calculated EGT"

Now I lower down boost to normal (I don't want to force engine and turbo) 1.3-1.4 at peak and to 1.2 to high revs. But this EGT calculation is still make a trouble

Unless, if this is real knock in engine???

There is no connection beetwen calculated EGT and Timing ....

Lowering Calculated EGT will not fix Your timing retardation....

Fix BTS ....

Also search in FR for correlation beetwen Lamfa and Ignition .... motronic retard ignition for richer mixture - because flame speed... look for DZWOLA map... and check correlation beetwen lambda and timing retard... check what is happening on mixtures richer than 0.75
The more richer mixture the  timing is more aggressive so i t may cause knock.
As I said, FIX BTS for begining to prevent afr 10 ...

Leave calculated EGT alone, its not needed.

Also , YOu are requesting to much BOOST for this configuration ... it just cant stand this boost with this timing so its causing knock ...

 on: Today at 06:19:24 AM 
Started by BlackT - Last post by Leonhard
here is a 1.8T testrun, with K03 turbocharger, original equipped,
just to give an idea what the K03 turbine is capable of.
Remarkable the increase of exhaust gas pressure (p3) comparing to boost (p2S), even "untuned"

don't expect upturn, by reducing KFTATM

 on: Today at 06:13:00 AM 
Started by fredrik_a - Last post by fides

K-tag are the only tool I have been able to read Immo with from Volvo Me7.

 on: Today at 05:51:57 AM 
Started by aquilesy - Last post by aquilesy
Hi all. the ecu of the vehicle suffered a short circuit, I tried to read it for bdm without results. Please someone will have the original reading of this ecu. Please help me. Sad Sad

Seat Leon 2.0 FSI

Ecu MED9.5.1 8197

06f 905 056 GS

0 261 S02 304

Very thanks

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