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Started by ardillo lambo - Last post by RBPE
1. Reading/Writing - Some free tools on here, how or if they work on ME7.1.1.'s depends on your file. They were in their infancy when I started out on the 711's and were too problematic/didn't work so just got tools instead. They're always being evolved or others are making other types of tools plus they can work on early c167 files so you might get lucky!

If not, you have two ways of read write - full and flash. MPPS & Galletto will tend to get you a flash but seeing as you're doing a project which sounds like you'll need to do some deeper things, then I'd probably look at the K-Tag tools as they will get you the mcu in the read. You'll probably also need tools for the box, CAN/Cluster if this is a big project. Not done these, I've only really done the 5/6 cylinder on ME7.1.1. & DSG but some may tell you what they use or a simple Google with regards to your car/ecu/box codes should tell you.

2. Once you've got your reads then you need to make sense of the data. You'll not likely be able to get any free stuff off the net for these - could be wrong though, spend a lot of time on Google - so you'll want to be buying a definition file. 2 main options on here really - Winols or Tunerpro files. If you're lucky enough to get a T-Pro file then you're all set to tweak n tune, most likely though, you'll want to request a definition ols file from one of the pro's on here in the services area. Generally hundreds for those though!
 Once you buy that then you'll want to download winols demo and put it in there and you can see your maps then (I think it'll show you - easy way to find out is dl it and get some other ols def files on here and look at them). Then you'll need to build up your own def file using Tunerpro - dl that too.

Now you can read/write n tune - only prob is checksums! Some tools have checksum buttons nowadays, not sure how trustworthy they are, in which case you'll probably be looking at either asking whomever you get the def file off if you can buy a cs bundle (basically sending them your file every time you make a change so they can checksum it - not recommended - I did 104 changes on my last car in a week for example - each one would have needed that if I didn't have the means to do it myself) - or sometimes the free stuff on here/some can disable in a file dep on ecu can work - not too sure on this car though - in which case I'd suggest once you get your read, you might want to test it out in Ecufix and buy the £200 version to save you a lot of hassle;

Then there's the more complex coding/architecture side of things - either pay people or learn it - I've done pretty much what you want to do but on 6cyl FI tuning, must have the largest repos for that in the World nowadays (25/26 gig) - basically (hobby timescales) - first few years was a mixture of trying to piece together def files as there were none about, also learned the system through tens of thousands of ger-eng translations (also helps if you get a new def file and don't have time - hence why anything I might post up would be a mix of languages save xdf's which are all Eng). Years 4-7 were various tuning tactics, learning C167 architecture - basically could do everything by then, save write custom codes but put it all together so a friend/fam coder could do it for me easily. Then last 2 years (8&9) are working my way through Python/IDA/C167 books so I can do it all myself as I don't like having to rely on anyone!

So, that's how to do it - ignore the bullshit about "you've no chance" etc - just be prepared to spend a load of time and effort on it if you want to do it all yourself - likewise, you'll have to cough up money and rope in others if you want to do it quickly!

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Started by IWay - Last post by nyet
Crazy to even care what things are going wrong when you have an actual DTC to fix first.

Never overcomplicate your diagnosis. Fix what is obviously broken, move on. The entire landscape might change by fixing a single known problem.

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Started by samskiezz - Last post by telnet402m
There`s no available "conversion"for changing the file size..

Read some posts on forum about Simos12/18 so u will know that`s not so easy; There`s no similarity with 1.9TDi from 1999.....

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Started by RBPE - Last post by RBPE

022906032KL. Audi TT

I have the DSG read also.

Yeah, put your DSG read up, would like to compare it to my mk5 R32 ones, or PM me if you want.

I don't post up kp's as I don't use Winols anymore for anything except looking at my old def files I built, I'll build Tunerpro files on people's oem ones for a fee inc. checksum updates, turbo etc.

However, if you do use ols it should literally take you 5-10mins to dig out the main maps you need - on this st10 TT file, TT's have a mish mash of ME.7.1.1. maps - i.e. I think this looked like it was using the newer MSFMU map or whatever it's called whereas other TT's and mk5 R32 ST10 will use MLHFM! Lot's/most should be the same as it though.

So - Winols - this ST10 type TT - mk5 R32 DAMOS
032BG - mk4 R32 DAMOS

Both DAMOS files are in the "definition file" area - look through the pages in there to find them.

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Of course a MAF too high would cause a cut in fuel and the whole ECU to freak out!

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Forgot the dump Roll Eyes

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Hello Guys,
I swapped a 3B0 920 849 A full FIS Passat cluster into my Golf 4. I already got everything working except that the cluster is taking the signals from the plugs to control ABS and ESP lights instead of the CAN-Bus messages. Cluster, ECU and Brake have CAN connection - Only when I disconnect the CAN Bus from the cluster there are fault codes like "Missing CAN Bus message from XYZ"
So for now, I have grounded pin 19 of the blue connector, so I dont have permanent flashing of ABS and brake warning in cluster
Does anyone know which bit to change in this dump?
I already know about 0x65 bit0 and bit1 controlling temerature and VSS via CAN/analog. I guess the setting for my Problem might be near this settings?

Thanks in advance

 on: Today at 12:05:53 AM 
Started by IWay - Last post by DonkeyDub
Post a csv.log showing the cut in fuel.

 on: Yesterday at 11:59:33 PM 
Started by ardillo lambo - Last post by DonkeyDub
Hope ya didn't hold your breath

Here click this     

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Started by RBPE - Last post by Praga

022906032KL. Audi TT

I have the DSG read also.

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