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 on: Today at 09:07:19 AM 
Started by mister t - Last post by mysman
Do a google search on


There are several different variations, BeachBuggy was one of the first...

 on: Today at 09:02:43 AM 
Started by jeka - Last post by jeka
this map is the primary "fuel" or lambda target map.

Ok, so first excuse my bad English, but unfortunately its not my first language.
Secondly, massive THANK YOU for explaining this map, not just for me, but for many more just like me im sure...!!!
but if i understood you correctly, this means that for richer fueling, the values should indeed go down, since this is a "target" map?
So for example at the 4000rpm where the value is 1.0, does that mean stoichiometric 14,7...? and for richer mixure its lower as if (14,7x0.9=targeted 13,23)?

 on: Today at 08:55:32 AM 
Started by !nfern0 - Last post by !nfern0

Did my first Log yesterday. Hardware should be OK now. Had the engine out in winter and did a lot of stuff to it. Now everything should be finde hardware-wise.

Finally I can start tuning... Cheesy

So, after the first log it seems that I have to work on the PID-Controller. The I-Value seems too high, so the boost is overshooting even out of the sensors range...

After having a look at the FR I understand it that way:

lditv_w is in between the ranges of ldimn and ldimx.
ldimx is determined by KFLDIMX.
ldimn = ldimx - value out of LDDIMXN

so I would reduce the values of KFLDIMX, is this correct?

 on: Today at 07:33:46 AM 
Started by BerQiL - Last post by BerQiL
A friend helped me with it, but I just become "Error! Exite Code:4 => Could not connect to Ecu, exiting" with the visualme7logger ... I mean its the same code, just another gui right?

 on: Today at 07:00:01 AM 
Started by Yomeca - Last post by Yomeca
Hello everyone, I am Yomeca, first sorry for my little English, thank you very much for all the good information that is here, greetings.

 on: Today at 06:30:38 AM 
Started by EuroXs4 - Last post by pathanas
Can you also provide the part number of the airbox "top" part?

Note that the RS4 MAF was also installed in other vehicles so if you search for the part number itself you can buy it like 3-4 times cheaper:
077 133 471 K
077 133 471 KX

I am trying to find the original bin file for that maf in order to copy maf tables.Any help??
thank you

 on: Today at 05:49:04 AM 
Started by prj - Last post by marcjero

I did a patch in order to support meg ecu. Fork is available here :
 I will do a pull request if you agree.

Anyway I'm struggling when defining some matchers. In example below I'm trying to catch 0x03AA address. Problem is there are very similar code around. There are pages of code like this. I don't think that relying on position will be reliable.

F6F5ECF9  MOV      0x0000F9EC,R5
00023216  E6F1BE03  MOV      R1,#0x03BE
0002321A  C2F41DF7  MOVBZ    RL2,0x0000F71D
0002321E  C2F5EAF9  MOVBZ    RL2,0x0000F9EA
00023222  DA060456  CALLS    0x06'0x5604
00023226  F6F5EAF9  MOV      0x0000F9EA,R5
0002322A  E6F1AA03  MOV      R1,#0x03AA
0002322E  C2F41DF7  MOVBZ    RL2,0x0000F71D
00023232  C2F5F0F9  MOVBZ    RL2,0x0000F9F0
00023236  DA060456  CALLS    0x06'0x5604
0002323A  F6F5F0F9  MOV      0x0000F9F0,R5
0002323E  E6F19203  MOV      R1,#0x0392
00023242  C2F41DF7  MOVBZ    RL2,0x0000F71D
00023246  C2F5F2F9  MOVBZ    RL2,0x0000F9F2
0002324A  DA060456  CALLS    0x06'0x5604
0002324E  F6F5F2F9  MOV      0x0000F9F2,R5
00023252  E6F18603  MOV      R1,#0x0386
00023256  C2F41DF7  MOVBZ    RL2,0x0000F71D
0002325A  C2F5F4F9  MOVBZ    RL2,0x0000F9F4
0002325E  DA060456  CALLS    0x06'0x5604

 on: Today at 02:52:25 AM 
Started by bobbyz0r - Last post by gman86
Here's an original read from my Audi S3 MY2010 (6MT).
This is the detuned version from Australian delivered S3 8P vehicles.

Hardware is 8P0907115B I think.

Read with MPPS V16 clone.

Please let me know if you can help me find some maps as well.


What maps are you looking for? There's a few...

 on: Today at 02:18:19 AM 
Started by tigermax - Last post by prj

 on: Yesterday at 11:01:48 PM 
Started by bobbyz0r - Last post by dsgwizz
Which part of australia do you hail from .

Im in brisbane myself

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